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Welcome to the Algoneer platform
So new year new Algoneer we will be starting off
2023 with a new application:
Dotty the DeFi Lottery
Thank you for your support!

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Supporting the Algorand Ecosystem

The Algoneer Platform


AGNR Algoneer Algorand

Sagittarius A

Status : Scrubbed

AGNR Algoneer Algorand


Status : Scrubbed

lounging_cattus Dev

TinyLeaf Greens

Proficient with REST API's, Python, Django, React, Video Tutorials

Twitter: @tinyleafgreens
Github: Tinyleaf Greens

MB-Red Dev

Pax Somnius
Front End/Full Stack

Proficient with HTML,CSS,JS,Python,Vue,React,DevOps

Twitter: @PSomnius
Github: Pax

TheCaptn Mod

Captain Mark
Community Manager

Lead Moderator of our Discord, Reddit, and Twitter

Twitter: @agnr_tweets
Discord: CaptainMark#6631
Reddit: /u/CaptainMark86



Developers: PaxSomnius | TinyLeaf Greens
Currently this is a small operation, if anyone with WebDev/Marketing skills or would like to gain some experience, like this project and want to join they can apply via Github/Socials.

Current Business Model
All platform fees are used to maintain the apps and websites, All excess platform fees are used to buyback AGNR from the tinyman V2 pool.
Currently (May 23) the platform maintenance costs are negligible (less than 50$) therefore all platform fees are used to buyback AGNR.

Join one of the social channels or contact any team member directly for suggestions and improvements, inquiries etc.

For the foreseeable future we will be working on a WhiteLabel DeFi Lotto application.


Utility Token
Our utility token is a a low supply, decentralized, permissionless, store of value designed to increase in value over time by acting as a fee sink for the algoneer platform.

AGNR Utility Token Benefits
All excess fees are swapped into AGNR, this mechanism will increase the value of AGNR over time vs algo.
All swapped buyback AGNR is sent to the LP reward fund.
Exclusive access to a game/class on all app offerings.

LP Rewards
We have our own LP rewards script which runs at a completely random time and will reward all holders of Tinyman V1/V2 ALGO/AGNR LP tokens with AGNR at:
((((100k/365)/total LP Tokens issued)*total LP Tokens held)*Days since last run)
100k + BuyBack AGNR are distributed each year.
You dont have to stake or do anything, just hold the LP tokens and have AGNR Opted in to the account that holds the LP tokens and you will be rewarded.

fortune favors the bold

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Swap on Tinyman Dotty the DeFi Lottery